Foxrally's Cheap Pokemon Avatars (all gens!) & More! (OCs, accessories, animations, particles, etc.)

Hi everyone! I’m Foxrally on VRchat and I’ve gotten my hands on all the models, textures and animations of every Pokemon in Sword & Shield and Sun & Moon, and even the ones that weren’t in there. I really enjoy making these, so I’m ready to make a few for others!

$5 - ANY Generic Pokemon, along with their in-game idle, walk, run, and fall animations. This includes quadrupeds! ‘Floating’ Pokemon (e.g. fish, bug or flying types) also available!

$12 - IF the Pokemon is bipedal or humanoid.

NOTE: Due to the greater work it takes right now to make a Sword & Shield exclusive Pokemon, I’m offering them for a minimum of $10 each, regardless of type.

I also do custom OCs! This includes fusions, special recolors, and even Pokemon with extra clothes/accessories (see references below). Prices vary on complexity.

You can check out the dozens of satisfied customers on my initial thread on VRcat! The thread on this forum is quite new, so won’t be many reviews for a while.

Payments are through Paypal. And if you need any help rigging non-Pokemon avatars yourself, hit me up on discord at Foxrally#0276! I’ve done rips from a pretty wide range of game engines like Unreal, Panda3D, source filmmaker, MMD (of course), XNAlara, so I’m glad to help when I can.

P.S- My work is not from-scratch, I make models ripped from games or otherwise.

The legal mumbo jumbo: I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

Examples of my more complex work:

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Recently commissioned Foxrally for a model of one of the trainers complete with expressions and visemes. The expressions are very well made and there are no signs of any imperfections. I was completely amazed at their work!

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made a commission and within about an hour or two it was finished and with no problems or flaws in how I wanted it to look. would highly HIGHLY recommend him for commissions. thanks again Foxrally. hope to see what other amazing works you got in store :smiley:

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