Forcing custom avatar animations without use of Stations?

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone has any info about how to ‘force’ an avatar into a custom animation in a world without using the “stations with an animation controller” route.

Something like holding an object in a certain way (not just the standard grip), like a cigarette for example where the vrc_pickup type grip wont work well. In this case, the user can still move and use stations like chairs whilst holding the cigarette object with the desired ‘hold animation’.
The dance-world route of adding a station with a custom animation wouldn’t work here as I’d like the user to be able to interact with other stations whilst keeping the custom hold animation.

Obviously this will have limitations and potentially work poorly with some avatars, but I’d rather it work for some rather than none! Solutions preferably UdonSharp oriented if possible please!

Thanks for your time and help!