For certain models, textures looks messy when using VRChat shaders

The only models that have this weird texture issue are Averiff’s Baiken and Xetirano’s David Martinez.

If this happens, I’ll use Standard Lite shader, enable Emission, and add the base texture to it. Depending on which model I’m using, it will turn out great, but other times, it will not. It also happens when you use Legacy Shader/Particle.

I always like to make my avatars Quest-compatible, but I don’t want people to see the avatar having the textures entirely black or having weird colors on certain spots. I was wondering if there’s any way of fixing this. Please and thank you.

Quest shaders treat transparency (low values on alpha channel) as black

Quick way to check would be to drop a magenta layer under the regular texture in a layer paint program and toggle it a few times

Or slap the magenta under, save as texture and see if your black spots change to magenta.

Either gotta cut away on the model, or maybe paint the black areas, or a mix of those.