Fix The Banning System

I got a temp ban on my main account and it was unjust without reasoning or solid evidence, bc i never use nsfw features nor take off clothing, my avatars were removed without proper reasoning fully clothed, and it costed me over 10k, this is no longer a game to me, give me nothing to lose and watch what happens

simply view or take this as a joke but this is a final warning, gave the 1st one for the EAC Scenerio, yall got 2 strikes already for unjust logic and reasoning without no appeal

good it seems you understand with section 26 in the TOS, however i dont need reimbursement no to late for that, and i already paid to have it all replaced but with, you simply need to just provide reasoning and evidence to back up the so called claims with screenshots and media provided, and more than one individual in the moderation team needs to check things out for a unbiased punishment if anyone does violate TOS bc i’m currently waiting my undeserved punishment, my avatar was indeed NSFW but due to the toggables and clothing its safe for work in public instances or simply provide features that can seperate the adults from the children as an option, its easy as adding a checkbox [18+] to an account and creating an instance system where you can’t join certain worlds or can’t avatars created with the nsfw tag (which you have in the avatar SDK, and is useless) unless you have the 18+ checkbox tag, not only does this help the community like avi and world creators, but it’ll help you devs in the longrun, because politicians and news media are already looking at VR Chat and meta differently, because of worlds and avatars their children could be exposed to like clubs, drugs, and weapons , ETC. so ill take this punishment and wait my time however a ban for that long sould not be determined by one representative for an avatar they could simply be biased towards, and if you’d implement a system like i mentioned there would be literally no need to waste time in banning people for adult generated content bc it’ll all be run of automation and the only way a minor could see it is if a avi or world creator didnt add the nsfw tag in the sdk that you made which is utterly useless or a minor didnt check the [18+], now to other adults that content can be offensive however they could just have the [nsfw default to fallback] in their safety settings, everyone can be happy, less work in moderation, no political parties can hold you or anyone accountable if a news headline says anything about you guys revealing that kind of material to children nor could parents blame you for what their child is exposed, would also limit some of the “spicy” and “profane” adult conversations and if possible an account labeled nsfw or 18+ could be automute when it comes to an account thats not 18+ or NSFW, it seems like a very complicated system however once finished less work for staff and it’ll better the community significantly, you wouldn’t see a random adults in a school or a child in a bar or night club and the game will look a feel more marketable to investors and streams and entertainers could live stream the game with less problems by having nsfw protection on