First World: Mirror Issues

Hi! This is my first time creating a world and I was following a tutorial about adding HQ and LQ mirrors ( High-Quality/Low-Quality Mirrors for VRChat Worlds! SDK3, Udon | Unity Tutorial - YouTube. The first thing I tried to do was creating a LQ mirror. So I tried to find “player” in the reflect layers but it wasn’t there. How can I fix this?!

Screenshot (106)|690x388


When you first create a new project, you don’t have the required VRChat layers set up. To fix this, you just need to add a scene descriptor script to a gameobject in your world scene, and then open your SDK. You will then see a prompt which when clicked will add the missing layers. After you do that, the mirror will show the missing layers such as the player layer!

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Thank you so much!! This helped alot!