First Steps Prep?

This isn’t a question about Udon itself, per say, but more for the absolute beginners (like me!) who are trying to dip their feet into it.

So far, thanks to all the help that’s been given through the forums, I’ve been able to do a barebones avatar world. But that’s purely because other people have gone through and figured out the Udon graphs before me and I could just recreate them. I’ve read through the starting guides and watched the tutorial videos, but it feels like these are really geared towards people who have experience with this sort of system before. There’s loads of terminology that is just thrown out there, no slowing down for folks who might not understand it, and it gets pretty overwhelming.

I’m not asking for anyone to dumb anything down, I was just wondering if there was a good place to start learning if they want to have a better grasp on the system and all of it’s crazy bool-varying-get-on-up-object-game talk. I assume the answer is “learn to code” but is there a specific coding language we should be looking at? Any good place to start?

@bad_joke - a great place to start it learning more about Unity. They have a Getting Started course.

Things you can learn that will directly help your VRChat projects:

  • How to use the Unity Editor - what do all the windows and tools do? What are the settings?
  • What’s a component, how do you use the inspector, etc.
  • Some C# basics - what’s an array, a for loop, a float vs an int, etc.
  • How to set up scenes, modify objects, etc.

Some things will not directly translate, like writing custom C# scripts - but doing that will teach you a lot about the sorts of functions and variables that you’d like for in Udon, and it would help a great deal in using something like UdonSharp if you wanted.

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