Female Saber Tooth Commission

Hello there! I am in search of a person who creates furry anthro avatars, preferably someone who is skilled at making, or has a premade female big cat avatar similar to a tiger face shape. This would specifically be an anthro saber tooth tiger, to match my fursona. It would be getting the patterns of the fur, adding in the teeth, and finding or making hair that fits the sona as best as it can. I know this could take a lot, and if you do not want to or are unable to make the avatar from scratch, I do have an alternative solution which might be a bit easier where I purchase a female anthro Cheeta avatar and you edit that instead. You would have to try and edit the teeth in on that though, and maybe change the face shape so it looks more tiger-like. I would highly prefer it if I could get someone who could just make the avatar themselves. I will have a reference picture of the avatar, so hopefully, that will make it easier as well. Reply to this post or add me on discord at Freya#8813 and we can discuss the details further. Thanks! (Keep in mind that I am a little tight on money, and I know this is a hard job, so we will work through the payments and how much it might cost. This is just a search for anyone who creates avatars like this, what the price range/what they’re willing to do to the avatars, and if I cannot pay for it at the time, how long they’re willing to wait for me to be ready to commission. We can talk more about this in a DM if you are still confused. Basically, no set commission, just questions about it if I were commission from someone)