FauxGravity (walking on a sphere / planet) possible in VrChat?


i would like to know if it is even possible to add FauxGravity to a Vrchat world to create worlds like
King Kai’s Planet from Dragonball. was something like this done in the past? how would i start to implement something like this with udon?



You can change gravity with physics -> set gravity … as far as rotating the player, unless we get access to the player transform in the future, you’ll have to come up with some creative magical way to do it.

I know you can change a players rotation & scale by forcing them into a station with its mobility set to Mobile with a custom animation controller on it & an animation that just changes that stuff. BUT it doesn’t change the players Descriptor orientation… if that makes sense. so if you change their scale they feel like a fat man in a little coat… or a fat coat on a little man. Rotating them also doesn’t change the descriptors orientation so their POV doesn’t rotate with their body…

You have to use a button & udon graph that isn’t on the same object as the station tho, because you cant normally enter mobile stations, or a station with an udon behaviour on it for some reason. & make sure Disable station exit is checked, or they will just revert to normal when they move.

Actually thinking about it, you could just change their camera to one that follows the rotation, maybe use the new camera package stuff they added to dampen the shit out of it while the cameras transform rotates. Might work :rofl: hope this helps get something going. Just stay away from scaling them. It’s actual cancer in vr.