Fallback Avatar Issue

I’ve recently gotten a new fallback avatar recently to my account… Anytime I try to set it as the fallback I want to use, It shows as selected but when I ask friend to re-check my fallback… They see my previous fallback avatar, I go back and to the fallback selection and see that the fallback I have chosen isn’t in use anymore and it’s my previous one.
This has been happening for a couple of days now…

Is this like new fall backs won’t stick? I saw a discussion about it, but I wasn’t able to find a filed bug about it on the feedback site

It’s a fallback I have recently uploaded, yes?

This is a known bug and has been tracked. It’s really been bothering me too, I had a custom fallback but I can’t use it anymore because I accidentally changed it, and I made a custom fallback for my partner who also can’t use it.

To explain, here’s exactly what the bug does (from my testing/research):

Fallback avatars can be changed, however, custom fallback avatars will not set as your fallback no matter when they were uploaded. If you try to, it will show it as set in the UI but will not actually change. If you change to a different avatar or restart your game it will still say your fallback is set to whatever it previously was. You can still use a custom fallback if you were already using it, but if you change out of it to a default one you cannot change it back. I saw someone else say they couldn’t change it with VRCX either, it gave them some error relating to fallback tags. In better news, there are a ton of new and better fallbacks you can use now instead. It doesn’t seem like they have plans to fix it any time soon, but until then that’s what we’ll have to do. It does feel like a somewhat niche audience would care about the bug since many people don’t have the skills or care enough to make/pay for a custom fallback, so they’re fairly uncommon.