Facial Gestures sticking SLIGHTLY after extended use

i’ve tested the avatar i’m working on in 2.0 and its not having this issue in the slightest. BUT in my 3.0 my issue seems to be, that while in unity, my facial animations are working fine in the tree and on test, though after a build & test upload and 2-3 minutes of spamming facial gestures the eyes begin to incrementally close slowly and the mouth seems to open slightly. I’m not finding any forum posts here or outside vrc forums and not finding any fixes through google searches, has anyone encountered this issue and found a fix?


I get this sometimes, and I’ve run into a similar reproducible issue that seems related: in a 3.0 avatar of mine, if I have an animation active that activates a blendshape affecting the eyes, and then I either go afk or do the standard “Die” gesture (both of which activate the eyes_closed animation, and nothing else does), then the eyes_closed animation never ends when I exit afk/Die. I don’t understand why this seems to be specifically linked to be using another animation affecting the eyes since they’re entirely different blend shapes.