Face expressions are getting stuck

So… I followed M.O.O.N.'s tutorial for expressions, but whatever I use an expression in-game it gets “stuck” and it won’t change back to default or disable, is there any solution?

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Ehhhh… It’s Write Defaults guys, enable them on everything.

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where or do i enable them on?

You are a lifesaver, spent multiple hours trying to figure out what was wrong, you can find enable them under the ‘State’ you want to change.

(example here)

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That’s done the trick for me in the past also - enabling write defaults. But the SDK3 documentation advises against enabling write defaults, since it might cause a future error during updates. Instead, you should ensure your animations return to zero - or something like that. I don’t understand animations myself yet so the only advice I understand is, try to avoid enabling write defaults. I’ve been told, by different people, (a)this is important, or (b)don’t worry about it. You might do the same as me - use them, but tuck this away in the back of your mind until you understand how to re-do your state machine without them.