Eye View Is Off Recently

Not new to making 2.0 avatars, but recently, even after setting the eye view position correctly within Unity, once I upload the avatar into VRC, the eyes, (or vision), is now roughly thirty feet BEHIND the head, and about thirty feet ABOVE the floor. So I’m looking down on my avatar, from behind it. ALSO, the controllers walking parameters seem to be reversed, as in, when I push to walk forward, I go backward, push to go left, it goes right.

Look, it’s to the point that even just for testing, even if I just make a simple sphere to upload as the avatar, this situation still happens, so its not a complexity issue.

I haven’t changed a thing in my avatar creation pipeline, that’s why this is so confusing.


Unity 2018.4.20f1 x64
Cinema 4D R23
Windows 10 x64 19041.508
VR System: Vive
Vive Controllers: 2PR7100
EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Driver v456.71)

The issue was an, “overlook” on my part.

I had recently updated my Cinema 4D to the latest release, R23, and in so doing, everything was refreshed and updated.

One of the main things that were reset, was the FBX export settings within Cinema 4D.

While exporting FBX from Cinema 4D, I need to “NOT” include Cinema 4D’s camera settings, but with the upgrade, that check mark had gotten re- applied.