Extra bones on humanoid rig not animating in VRChat

I’m new to both Unity and VRChat so the solution to this might be something very obvious, but some extra bones I have to deform the clothes of my avatar aren’t animated in VRChat even though they work fine in Unity. I made sure that these bones were checked under “masking” when I imported the rig/animation and like I said, when I play the animation in Unity these bones move like they’re supposed to. I’ve tried looking through tutorials/troubleshooting of people using extra bones for animating tails and such and no one else seems to have this issue. Everything else on the rig works fine in VRChat, it’s just these extra bones. Are there more places such as within the animation controllers where there’s a mask in which I need to specify that these bones be affected?

Since those aren’t humanoid bones you’d want to animate those in the Action layer, or perhaps Gesture.

I am animating them on the action layer

Are you setting the weight on the action layer to 1.0 when you’re doing the animation?

The weight on the action layer is set to 1.0, my understanding is that this is permanent unless I change the value myself. By “when you’re doing the animation,” do you mean there other circumstances where I need to make sure this value is still 1.0?

You might want to check this section of the docs out-- in particular, this statement:

This layer is blended to zero by default. Before you do anything in the action layer, you need to use the Playable Layer Control State Behavior to blend this layer up before transitioning to the actual action you’re performing! Make sure you blend it back to zero when you’re done.

Okay, I got this to work but ONLY if I also add a state setting the FX layer weight to zero. I can work with that though, thank you so much!

None muscle bone will get reset when performing an action.

Move everything to the second layer and leave the first one empty.

Also, use the gesture for transform animation.

Everything need to be masked with Write Default off