Expressions only work locally

After recent game updates nobody can see my AV3 expressions, this applies to every AV3 avatar I’ve uploaded. For me I can see everything; gestures, facial expressions in FX, everything. For everyone else none of my animations seem to play, even the AFK animation (just the default) shows up as T-Pose for others. Is anything known about this issue? After trying different avatars and getting the same behavior, I’m stumped and don’t know how to troubleshoot further.

Update: It only effects me. After going to the AV 3.0 Hub with some friends to troubleshoot, all of their animations work but no animations work on AV3 avatars for me.

Ive validated the game on steam, cleared cache, and reinstalled the game. No dice.

Did yet another test, this time via Linux Proton in desktop mode and everything worked. This leads me to believe the issue lies somewhere in my installation of windows. I’m going to do a deep scrub of everything vrchat from the system and see if that makes a difference.