Everying that can go wrong has gone wrong

-the material on my avatar keeps fluctuating between its normal colors and pink missing textures, often with random segments changing back and forth randomly
-animations for FX layer will play animations from both hands with depreciating values for no reason
-the tracking of my body wont stop during animations thus creating unwanted movements
-unity doesnt care how i set up my bones and shapeskeys in blender, it will move everything around into a disastrous nightmare for no reason other than its an asshole

have you tried just starting over? When I get to that point I like to go back fresh and kinda learn from the mistakes from the other one.

at least 20 times already

pit of despair is what I call that.

for the animations though have you tried using vrcATC on the animations that are still tracking parts of yo body?

fixed a lot by starting new project. no idea what was causing the materials to wig out so im chalking that up to potential corruption.

also i accidentally turned on fullbody tracking in the animation controller lines which messed up everything.

still annoyed that unity is screwing up the bones and shapekeys. I have been making animations that focus on shapekeys exclusively so I can create shapeshifting attributes for a character with a humanoid rig. For the most part it works for some damn reason it screws around with the thumbs and neck for some dang reason. I can barely manage to get things to where i need them by rotating some bones a pinch, but it doesnt always work the way i need it to.

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TBH I cant wait to see this avatar when its done you are putting so much work ino it.