Errors when synchronizing variables

When you enable the synchronization variables, the master of the world ceases to transmit their position to other players. is there a way to set up syncing between players at the moment?
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I apologize for the translation, as I do not know English and use a translator.

This problem may occur when using a synchronized variable with a node that uses the VRC API.
(I noticed this problem after placing so many nodes, so another node could be the cause)

This problem was solved by having Udon Script with a synchronized variable (sync mode: none) in another game object.
The synced variable of other game objects can be set via “Udon Behavior Set Program Variable”.
However, it seems that these variables can only be updated by the player who owns the GameObject.

I don’t know how to gain ownership other than picking up objects, but there may be other ways.

I also use a translator.
I’m sorry if it is hard to read.

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