Empty motions no longer stop my animations if they involve Game Object.Is Active?

Normally I just use 1 animation to activate something, then an empty motion to have it revert back to its default state, but this seems to have stopped working for me on my newest avatar if the animation involves actually spawning/hiding props.

In-game Debug says it properly moves to (animation) then back to (empty motion) but the prop doesn’t actually disappear. Any animation not involving this (like scaling, positioning, or just blendshapes) operates normally and without issue. The layer weights are all set to 1.

Was an annoying 2 hours to figure out this was the issue but I’m wondering if I’ve unknowingly done something different to cause this, since the solution seems to be just spend more time clogging my avatar’s size/animation folder up with a bunch of “*(object)*OFF” animations and moving them into the former empty motion slots.