Empty inspector window in Unity

I have empty inspector window when i click on my FBX file. No tabs for model, rig, animation, materials, like in any of the videos i’ve seen. Any advice?

Can you take a screenshot with window’s built-in snipping tool and show us what you’re seeing?..

I took me few days to try to fix this and nothing worked. Just opened a scene to take a screenshot… and it’s there. No clue why. THX either way, you fixed it:P

You do have two inspector windows though, unity sometimes defaults to another tab and will act weird about switching it.

So I’d Just close the second inspector window

Second inspector used to be a debug window i opened and then changed. It was one of the instructions to get te tabs back. But now problem is back:/ Unity is a trully buggy pice of software. it’s by no mens the first problem i have to deal with.

You get used to unity’s quirks :slight_smile:
Feel free to poke me whenever you have unity issues.