Easy way to Sync Music?

I have music playing in my world and a button to turn the music off
(let me tell you that is a feat for me because I have no idea what im doing).

I have found lots of guides on how to “Maybe” sync the music, but its so in depth and all of them have way too many features and udon behaviors id never be able to figure it out, or even need. Please be aware I am super new guys, I have no Idea what im doing. Everything in my world was carefully placed by fumbling around until I got it to kinda work.

What im looking for is a simple solution to sync the music in my world so as people join they will hear the same spot in the mix as everyone in the room. I dont have 20 or even 2 songs, its one of the best songs on the planet 5 min long. I don’t even know if this is possible.

Also if possible maybe a way to pause the music (not just turn it off and restart). That’s not a real big deal but would love the sync thing. Any pros’s wanna help a guy out?

IDK with nodes, but you can get the current position of the audio source. In udonsharp:
aVariableofTypefloat = aVariableOfTypeAudioSource.time;

It will give you the current position of the audioclip in seconds.

Im going to try to figure that out. Like I said I will fumble around till it works. There has to be a way to do this with Visual Udon Nodes. I do love them noodles plus I really suck at C#.