Dynamic Bones Shaking/Feet Going Through The Ground

So I recently started working on a new avatar and have two problems.

  1. The dynamic bones freak out

  2. Her feet go into the floor

Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

Two immediate thoughts:

  • Try removing all colliders and see if that fixes it. If it does, you need to check your colliders and ensure they’re working sanely. I’d suggest never using colliders, IMO-- restricting movement/axis freezing, or using end bones works far better.
  • You may have an animation that’s resetting bone position every frame, then DB updates in LateUpdate. Check any “idle” animations you have to ensure they only affect the bones you want to affect. If that doesn’t work, try removing the animation and see if it fixes it.
  1. I removed colliders but it didn’t help. I did notice that when I’m prone everything works fine, also other players see my dynamic bones as normal and functioning perfectly.

  2. I fixed the animation, just had to edit the position on the Y Axis

The method I use to avoid the feet sinking in the floor is to position the bones like this in blender, you will have to adjust the view position afterwards