Dynamic bones settings are different ingame compared to what theyre supposed to be

Im having this issue with my avatar where all the dynamic bones are out of whack. In unity and on another version of the model the bones are 100% perfect with the settings theyre at. but with a different varient of the file whenever I upload the model ingame the bones are crazy sensitive, and extremely stuttery with their movement. it’s extremely aggravating especially with the hair as it’s supposed to be rather inert, but when i move my head slightly the hair just goes mad.
Deleting and re making the bone sometimes works, but sometimes just breaks even more stuff.

See if someone else sees the same thing you see or have them send you a video of you moving around, etc. The dynamic bones seem to act differently locally than they do in Unity (just you see it). It usually looks closer to Unity for remote players.

thats just how it works, you have to keep testing