Dragudon Ball Z Timenest

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Dragudon Ball Z is a world meant to bring a udon driven dbz experience to VRChat. In this map you are able to fly, shoot ki blasts from your palms, use signature moves from the show like kamehameha and final flash, and teleport about the map.

The system uses a object pooling script written by theHelpfulHelper to ensure everything stays in sync, and allows my animation sync script to let you see everyone firing about, and be able to hit and be hit by the blasts and punches.

The combat lets you knock each other around, and even send each other flying. There are also two mini games accessible from the in world menu (accessible by pressing trigger next to your head) along with a udon driven media player, and a few customizable settings.

One of the two games is Robo Blast, where robots appear all over the time nest, and you have to shoot as many as you can within the time limit, be careful tho because they do fire back! The second game is Nest Flight, where you race around the time nest and try to complete the course as fast as possible.

I plan to continue to update the map, adding more attacks, adding a dueling mode to fight your friends, perfecting the flight mechanics and the ki attacks, and adding more visual effects. When it’s said and done ill be pushing to make the map quest compatible as well.

There are over 20 udon scripts making the map functional, and i will continue to try and find ways to optimize the map, and improve the experiance


Thanks for posting, @zeshin! Add a world link into your description so people can easily jump in and play!

I did, although it seems since i added a video to the link the public link posts as a video here. Is there a way to make it show up as the world link and not the video?

nm, found a way to do it using the hyperlink tag

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