Downloading an Avatar from another user's world

I don’t think this is possible for a few reasons, but I would like to download a custom avatar to optimize it better and fix a few issues. This avatar was copied from someone else’s world, I am not the creator. All information is appreciated.

You’d have to ask the person who uploaded the avatar for the files, otherwise you’d be breaking ToS.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I’ll try my luck with reaching out to the creator. Thank you!

Ah, one thing I forgot to mention. It’s possible the avatar came from somewhere like deviantart for example. Downloading it from there and making your own modifications to it would be fine (as long as it doesn’t violate any of the individual model’s rules) but as for modifying existing custom avatars from VRChat then yeah the only real method would be to ask the uploader for the files.

I had already done a quick search for that sort of thing but it’s really helpful to know that as well, I’ll do some more thorough searches to make sure. Currently I don’t know much at all about Unity or even Blender so I was hoping to start by playing with someone else’s work before trying to figure everything out for myself since it can be pretty overwhelming at first.