Door animations when the door is unlocked

I’m making a test world to get more familiar with both unity and the VRC SDK, I struggle a lot to make some stuffs with udon, although I can find some videos on youtube. For my stuff, I used this video for my inspiration : Create a Lock and Key to Open a Door - Udon / VRChat SDK3.0 - YouTube

So, I have a locked door, it’s unlocked via a key.
About the lock itself, I added it outside the door, like on the video.

My goal would be to make possible the opening and the closing of the door once the door is unlocked, so, when the (right) key enters in contact with the lock.

My unity project is like that :

My issues :
A) I would like to play the opening and the closing animations only when the isUnlocked variable is set to True (false by default)
B) when the key enters in contact with the lock, nothing happens. I would like that both the key and the lock would be invisible, and the player would have to “drop” the key in his hand. So at this moment, the player can open and close the door.

Thanks for your help