Don't Copy/Paste nodes from one Udon graph to another. Don't be me

After 2 days of troubleshooting udon in the node graph, I have discovered one important tip for new world creators:

DON’T COPY/PASTE nodes from one Udon graph to another. Just don’t. Remake the entire node graph by hand for each thing you are making.

I was so excited to finally discover this that I had to come on here and make my first post. I had 3 objects that had individual triggers upon entering a collider, and Udon randomly throw box colliders around the world and trigger multiple objects at once. If you copy-paste code from one node graph to another, for whatever reason, there’s a possibility (though not all the time which is super fun) that it will trigger objects and colliders from other graphs (SDK3, latest version).

If anyone has any notes on how to get around this, I’d love to know, but for now I just hope this spares at least one person from heartache.