Does "OnPlayerJoined" triggers also for the user who joined themselves?

As the title suggest, I was wondering if the “OnPlayerJoined” fire also for the user who joined himself/herself. For instance, if I had a sound play on OnPlayerJoined, would the player who just joined hear that sound as well, or would it not?

OnPlayerJoined will trigger for the player first, then the other players.

You’d just have it play sound if the player is local when joining

So it does trigger for anyone, including the newly joined player, right?

For people already in the instance it will trigger for the new player.

For a new player, it will trigger for themselves first, then on everyone that is In the instance.

Player “localPlayer” joined
Player “remotePlayer1” joined
Player “remotePlayer2” joined

Great, thanks for the information! I was merely interested in knowing when it triggered, not the reference it returned, but it’s a great addition non the less.