Does anyone know where a beginner can learn to make worlds?

I am a complete newbie at programming and modeling in unity, let along using the SDKs/udon. I was wondering if there are any comprehensive guides or beginner tutorials out there to make using these tools more accessible?
All the literature from VR Chat seems to assume you already know how to construct worlds and have an understanding of the C# language, as if you just need help installing the kit. I don’t know either of those things. Basically the getting started article got me started and I have everything downloaded and installed, now I’m just lost with how to use it.

Any of the following info would be helpful:
Example of how to build a basic world.
Common/useful/essential programming phrases in Udon and what they do.
Sample world one can download and deconstruct.
Simple actions I can program to get the hang of things.

I know Udon can do some pretty great and complex stuff, but I need the basics first :s

Okay I think I’m getting the basics of building set pieces and there seems to be some youtube tutorials out there for basic coding tips but still please add any information

Fortunately basic worlds are super simple:

Basically add a VRC_SceneDescriptor somewhere, set your spawn, and do a test-build once you’ve added your environment.

You’ll probably want to next familiarize yourself with how to use the various SDK scripts. VRC_Trigger is the one you’ll be using for most interactables (toggle mirror, etc).

Once you’ve got a solid handle on that, learning Animations + Animators, then UI Events will bring your world making to the next level.

If you need some examples to deconstruct, there’s tons of examples and ready-made stuff from the Prefabs community:

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Thanks for the help! I was just about to update this thread with some basics of what I learned on my own the past couple days, but the links are quite helpful.

If anyone’s in the same boat as I was, start with downloading some free assets from the unity store and drag some prefabs into your world from the SDK. See what other people working with udon are up to and deconstruct, it’s a lot more helpful than the very limited video and written guides out there.

I am always willing to help, message me on Discord! Lumi#0066