Do i need to be in public? *solved*

do i need ten hours in public lobby’s to make an avatar? i have about 12.4+ hours on steam, and i didn’t get notified

You’ll get there soon enough :slight_smile:

There’s players with thousands of hours who don’t create their own avatar. The vast majority, in fact!

Play VRChat, make friends, visit worlds, and you’ll be able to upload in no time at all.

If you like, you can spend the time (until you’re allowed to upload) learning how to make an avatar. It’s trickier than you might think!

As above, also quoting VRCBot Omega from VRChat Discord:

You must obtain at least “New User” Trust Rank in our Trust and Safety system in order to upload content. You can get this by just spending a few hours in VRChat, hop some worlds, and make some friends. Give it some time and you’ll be able to upload content in no time.
As an aside, you must have a VRChat account to upload content. That means you can’t use a Steam account, Oculus account, or Viveport account to upload content like worlds or avatars.
Source: Frequently Asked Questions

i think i need 10 hours to get new user rank and it still has yet to pop

oh i know how hard this will be, but i’m not gonna let that stop me now cuz ill have wasted like 6 days

Just being in vrc doesn’t make your rank go up.

It’s not a simple if x then y system, and it’s not based on just time either.

It measures a lot of different things like people adding you as a friend how active you are in game, the amount of worlds you’ve visited. The amount of people that blocked/muted you. The list goes on and on and most of the metrics are just guess work.

Just being in a vrc world won’t bump your level up. Being active in the community will.

(this is likely to prevent people from afk botting hours in vrc and spam upload stuff to vrc)

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then ill have to be a skeleton for a while i suppose

You can always visit avatar worlds and find an avatar that fits you.

Or if you want to get started creating stuff, find a mentor that’s willing to work with you in projects.

Additionally, an easy way to boost rank in my experience is just hopping to different (public) worlds and chatting with people. Play minigames, enjoy yourself, etc. The time will fly by before you know it and so will your rank.

one problem I’m an introvert so i have to force myself to even approach ppl, let alone talk

You don’t have to talk, there’s quite a few people that are mute in vrc, either because they’re introverted, have broken microphones, or other reasons.

There’s comfy hang-out worlds where people can just relax with others not even socialize that much.

You’re more than welcome to add me on vrc as well if you want to go world exploring some time.

VRC is for everyone, be it introverted or extroverted. There’s just a couple safety measures in place to prevent people from being jerks on the platform as easily.
Which might be a pain to deal with when you’re getting started, but as you’re making friends and finding cool new places, that barrier will slowly be lifted.

one last problem my laptop can barely run the game in flat screen and it likes to over heat and shutoff so vr is out of the picture

but for that i just need to find a way to get a job