Disabling Jumping Animation for Full Body Users

When jumping / landing / falling in 3.0 avatars, full body users legs stopped being tracked and are replaced with the associated animation. For Full body users who love to jump off tables (e.g. me). I can’t do a flying kick off the table anymore. And walking up and down stairs now looks really bad.

To fix this turn off force locomotion animations for 6 point tracking.

Now go to you assets > vrcsdk > examples3 > animation > controllers > vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer. Duplicate that and pull that into your project somewhere. I renamed mine to motion. (The highlighted state machine is the jumping animation).

Now place that on your avatar.

Now remove the jumping states and replace it with something that looks like this.


and prone to prone

You’ll add the vrc animator tracking control to your idle standing crouching and prone positions.

under the motion states we set the tracking control to animation. So that when you are moving your hips and feet go into the walking animation state.

copy the transitions using the upright conditions to go from prone crouch stand animation motion.

For transitioning into the motion state. Set velocity of Z & X (z = forward backward, x = sides, y = height). To the following:

For standing if your velocity goes higher than 0.91 or lower than -0.91 then enter the motion state. For crouching the 0.91 turns to 0.41, prone turns 0.11. When standing and walking your velocity is 1, running is 2, sprinting is 4. Crouch everything is halved, and for prone it’s a little bit more than halved. (Look at the debug menu in game while moving to see what I mean. Also make sure that each condition is in a separate transition. Because we want to go into motion when we move in any direction. It’s effectively a logical ‘or’ rather than an ‘and’. Also set the timing to none and no exit time. So that you instantly move from one state to the next.

Now to revert from locomotion back to full body leg using we need to go back to the idle state. We do this by doing the following:

We have an ‘and’ condition where we have to completely stop moving in all directions to go back to an idle state. The numbers to go back are 0.9 standing, 0.4 crouch, 0.1 prone. You can mess with these numbers to your liking but these numbers work for me (same as the step before).

That’s everything. There may be an easier way to do this. But this works for me. It does the same behavior that prior avatars 3.0 release had. And I won’t be looking at this thread to help you with your specific problems. This took me several hours to figure out and I don’t want to spend the time to figure out why your avatar isn’t working (even if you pay me). This should get you in the right direction. So good luck!


hey could tell me why the avatar is pulsating?

Could you give me the locomation file, mine doesn’t seem to work and i think i followed it the same way through…

I can understand up to the point this says to " remove the jumping states and replace it with something that looks like this." Anything after that and my brain can’t parse it just from one or two pictures with red circles in em.