Developer Update - 3 August 2022

Avatar Rescale when

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I am happy to see communication between the DEVS and Community once again, Keep up the good work,

Setting VRC Priority will have little effect on High end PC’s but when you have a 1650 GTX every frame counts and this is why changing Priority is important.

We also need some kind of Down scaler Up Scaler system. This will give more FPS to lower end PC’s.
The link bellow is a Youtube video that will give better insight to this Tool. I hope it can be helpful.

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Agreed, don’t make it be used in the menu like you always do. Stop listening to people tell you to let the modders do and fix your stuff. Be creative with it. Don’t make exactly your own design. Who cares if you stole if from the source code just make it assesible.

It’s best to be more specific on the things to fix for them to be able to actually do so :sweat_smile:

I hope the desktop camera will be just like the mod was… Litterally the same camera as for VR but then grabable with mouse like a prop.

I mean if you are scaling your avatar while I’m talking to you, Im probably either gonna laugh or just wait. But I can see how that could be irritating to others. But it could also be a funny deterrent if you don’t want to listen to someone. Just become a Meat tree, only thing missing would be a Boss HP bar.


I’d like to suggest something similar to IKTweaks!
(Would be very useful for FBT users!)

The loading sceeen be completely broken now after this update ;_;
I can’t even get in.

I’m really looking forward to Steam Audio getting implemented, though I do have a question. Will VRChat provide some documentation, or at least a quick-start guide of sorts on implementing Steam Audio into worlds, or will we just be pointed towards SteamVR’s Unity documentation?

Can you show us how to turn on the mirror? I couldn’t find it in my menu at all last night. I do have open beta installed.

These will cause issues with object culling in some worlds, anything under 2cm does that. I’ve seen the same issue in other worlds. Enforcing 0.001m instead of having an option to configure e.g. 2cm will make this feature unusable in those worlds. Why not have both? Let users set their own value please!

I’m concerned that you say this system won’t avoid all problems. I really like this idea of a dynamic system but I’d prefer an option that I can ‘set and forget’ - something I can rely on to work in all scenarios. I never use extremely tiny avatars and I’ve found that a near clip plane of 0.01m (1cm) is acceptable even for 2ft high avatars. Perhaps a factor of 100,000 would provide a more general-purpose solution that optimizes the near clip plane on every world without issue. :man_shrugging:

yeah the developper updates,cool :blush::+1:

This seems like a severe step back from the grabable mirror. It is better to keep personal mirror grabbing and keep this as an alternate style of moving the mirror.

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I guess to cleanly state how I think the mirror should work:

Oculus has this solved in their dashboard for monitors. You grab with the normal grab, up/down is away/towards (far/close), left/right is smaller/larger. Also the default state is locked facing your avatar.

If you do have a toggle for “focus me”, make sure distance/zoom controls are consistent, and find another button for rotate (that is togglable as well) or have it like it is now where it depends on hand rotation.

Topic has been closed, as we’re about to post the next one.

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