Developer Update - 12 October 2023

Hopefully the in-game reporting for missing content tags will actually do something, because it clearly doesn’t do anything for groups that break the TOS and Creator Guidelines. Those always require a report via the website for anything to be done.

Also, if you could clarify regarding the content warning tags as it relates to avatars, should tags be applied based on the capabilities of an avatar or how you plan to wear it? Because most avatars on Gumroad and Booth would fall under at least one of these tags if it’s the former.

If someone has an avatar capable of being “Sexually Suggestive” for example, but they never use the toggles that would actually make it appear that way, should it still be tagged as such?

This is really a good question. I would say yes because even if you never use those toggles, the avatar is still considered NSFW. in the contrary, everyone could be free to tag or not depending on “how often” they use such content, which would become totally subjective and inaccurate.

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pretty nice

that’s good to do that report when people is missing something is not good in those avatars needs to put warnings too violence or something else :+1:

If that’s the case, I would like to know how far this goes. Because most base models are NSFW and usually remain that way unless the creator of the actual avatar does manual edits to the textures and/or meshes.

Would removing the NSFW toggles be enough, or do texture and/or mesh edits need to be made?

I would say that how you actually remove/disable content doesn’t matter as long as you don’t have the possibility to become NSFW in game


I hope that there is not too much censorship in content or age, otherwise we may encounter more problems.

In VRchat Asia, I know that underage or immature users are not the minority, but in some environments, certain ‘regional’ organizations have too much power to censor games, leading to certain news stories.

While most users may have their own accounts, there are cases where multiple people use the same account.

Of course, it is not a wish not to do it, but it is possible to reduce the burden on the program and do it much less, because there are too many problems in reality.

If someone tries to break the age barrier or help achieve it, more problems will arise.

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The issue, and the reason why, for instance, i use this avenue, is because it’s one of the few places that will actually get seen. As much as it’s claimed that the canny is seen, endless swathes of very important canny posts get buried or ignored, or not correctly emphasized due to lack of accessibility of the canny platform (ppl don’t see it, ppl don’t votethough sometimes hundreds of votes isn’t enough either).

I have been bringing up performance because it’s always an ongoing development, but is inexorably important and not given the all-hands-on-deck focus it absolutely requires, and not in the “we fix some systems here and there” sense, but in the “we re-designed entire systems and rethought our creator pipeline to make them run better”. …This is happening with Udon2, but needs to happen with avatars as well, and UI and everything else.

I apologize for involvement, and had no intention of having it get out of proportion with long posts, i originally only had a couple key points to make and that was it — this forum doesn’t have a branching topic system, and other threads outside of these ones are barely seen by anybody, making them not very useful.

There is not enough public engagement with the staff overall; please consider improving this. (chatting with a few who have connections ingame doesn’t count)


hello, do you plan to introduce the Russian language, since the community of Russian-speaking players is very huge, at least machine translation, it will greatly simplify navigation


If they’re never used, why do you have them?

You should tag the avatar.

No. The tag pertains to the content. Hence, “Content Warning”, not “How I Think I’ll Use This Warning” system. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the content contains things where you think any of the Content Warnings as described in the Creator Guidelines might apply, put the tags on them. Better safe than sorry.

“NSFW” is not a term used in any Content Warning category, notably.

I struggle to locate any development studio of our size that communicates even remotely as much or as personally with our users as we do, but I’ll take your request to heart.

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VRChat UI needs a clock :innocent:


Hope the in-game UI gets a bit of love too, could definitely use some responsive design where everything flowed better with the size/aspect ratio of the screen instead of being forced into the set size it is now. Having a wider phone makes the tabs along the bottoms of the menus really tiny.

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That’s how most avatars on Gumroad and Booth come. Not everyone wants to spend time going through unity projects removing things.

It was used in the SDK content tags until somewhat recently, along with “Nudity” and some others.

Isn’t it 2024?

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How about adding a Content warning for epileptic people. I kinda miss that when I create worlds. It’s also very common that People have to add warnings like these in their world. But it would be nice if people with epilepsy would get a warning before they are able to join a world.


I hope soon enough there will be an update on NSFW. But specifically the protection of Minors. With all the drama on twitter recently and many people getting exposed VRChat devs need to put better policies, reporting and protection in for Minors.

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Obligational links to cannies so people can vote:

Also, the ever hilarious and nonsensical statement provided by Strasz on why there likely won’t be a clock:


Especially useful for portals, if it could be integrated in some way.

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I agree. There need to be more serious moderation actions taken against people who repeatedly upload public NSFW avatars. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen a kid running around in one because they’re so easily accessible and usually have Quest support.

At most, VRChat will give these people a 1 week public ban, sometimes not even that. They also just private the avatar, only for it to get made public later that same day often times. It’s a very ineffective system and VRChat needs to step things up, it’s a problem they’ve created themselves in many ways, by allowing this NSFW content to go unchecked for so long.

The introduction of Groups has also made this problem even worse. VRChat has clear guidelines and rules that groups should follow, and yet many of them are in clear violation and for whatever reason, VRChat allows it to happen in many cases, even when made aware.

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What about natively supporting Face tracking for the Quest Pro on PCVR? I know Eye tracking is but kinda hoped Face tracking would be as well.

I would, but I ran into this issue Canny within the first day of me doing so, seeing your friend at an entirety different size does cause some issues.

I do hope that issue hasn’t been “waved off as a one-off oddity” as no mention of a fix has appeared in the multiple open betas released since this issue was reported

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