Default animations displaying incorrectly locally

Having an issue where it seems like the default locomotion animation set has incorrect roll on the upper arm and shoulder, but this only happens on my end looking in the mirror, other players see the arms correctly. Playing an expression animation causes the limbs to look correct, but once the animation ends and the set transitions back to the locomotion layer, i can see the upper arms “rolling” 90 degrees, causing nasty shoulder and elbow twisting. Any idea of the cause? I’m especially confused since it only happens locally and doesnt show to other players.

Here you can see the transition from an expression animation to the locomotion set clearly

And here is some awful twisting when laying down using default animations.

I’ve tried the fixes covered in Kung’s fullbody fixes, as well as clearing bone roll and attempting to manually adjust the roll to counter it and it just seems like VRChat completely ignores bone roll.