Default Animation Set

Does anyone know where I can find the default locomotion animations? I’m trying to edit the crouch animations and would prefer not to have to find new ones and completely replace them for a minor edit

I think most of them are just from the Male and Female Locomotion Packs on Mixamo: A search should find plenty of tutorials on getting Mixamo animations into VRChat. ;p

I think some of them are included in the SDK2 also. Could make a new project, import the old avatars SDK, then copy out any animations from there, maybe.

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Thanks! Yeah I finally figure that out and got a new crawling animation but I’ve got a new problem now!! Would you happen to know why the body moves so strangely like this when I’m changing directions?

Avatar 3.0 locomotion layer is really broken right now, especially if the avatar’s crouch/prone pose doesn’t match up the head location with the viewball location. The only workaround I’ve found so far that makes the pose work will lock you permanently into the crouch/prone position until you change avatars again. :confused:

I posted some of the stuff I tried here:

Good luck.

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Okay, thank you! I’ll see if I can figure anything different out but I guess we might just have to wait and see if they will fix it :confused: