Debate world

Hi! I’m new to VR chat and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I love the platform and I’ve been making lots of interesting friends on here. I have noticed however that there is not a single room intended for people debating more serious topics. Is this because those rooms get banned quickly for some reason?

I have read the community guidelines and it seems that the rules are quite strict when it comes to which topics are okay to be discussed and which aren’t which is fine, but I also saw the line that says “Political & Religious figures and symbology. Civil discourse is permitted in private spaces where all participants consent to discussion.” Is it possible to create a world with a disclaimer at the entrance which announces to people that they are about to enter a world where difficult topics are being discussed.

To what extent would the creator of the room have to go to so that he doesn’t get labeled the “leader of a hate group” if some people in there decide to harass others. I’m completely guessing here but based from what I’ve seen under the “organizing hate groups” part of the guidelines, I’m guessing that this was an issue before.

I guess to summarize this, I’m really interested in making a world that would be a “Debate club” style world and since it’s my first time doing all of this world making stuff it will probably take me ages and I don’t wanna put a lot of work into it, and then get banned for making it.

would making this kind of world even be okay?

and yes I know I can just make a private world and discuss whatever I want with my friends, but I want this to be a public world where I can meet new people who want to have good, interesting, and healthy discussions. That’s the point of VR chat for me, meeting new people and expanding my group of friends, not hiding in a corner of some private room.

I would think that if you focus purely on the mechanics of a debate and the aestheics of the stage, such as creating a stage, audience area and moderator booth, as well as setting up a microphone system where the debators/moderator could be heard globally, then you can’t really be faulted for whatever is discussed in the room.

It looks like there’s one world that comes up now if I search “debate”, so that’s some positive news, I suppose.

Just avoid adding any symbology, references, or debate prompts that are referencing any hot-button topics.

That being said, the world will most likely be used for meme debates anyway.

If you wanted to create a world specifically to discuss a certain religion or political view then I would assume that would be against the community guidelines

However as long as your world doesn’t promote or showcase any specific real world political/religious symbolism or ideas then you would very likely safe, so a very general space for any kind of discussion.
Keep in mind political symbolism/hate also extends to memes such as pedobear or pepe the frog

Following the community guidelines can sometimes feel like walking a bit of a thin line, but generally the moderation takes intent into account, so as long as you don’t have ill intent you shouldn’t be too scared