Cyan TimeSpace Lab [JP․EN] Portal-Like puzzle world with time control and gravity pull (By Udon)

This is a Udon-powered Portal-like puzzle world, solve puzzles by Gravity Pull and Time control! The goal is simple: moving boxes to open the door for next level. But with carefully hand crafted level design, It is simple but not easy! Think again! (With time-control from the mid-game adds more depths)

The world make heavy use on Udon that includes:

  • Voiced character who guide you though the game and react to player’s action, with subtitles !!
  • Select subtitles language (English / Japanese) and the world will adapt to that language.
  • Udon powered puzzle elements: Buttons / Jump pads / Lasers and much more. Place a box onto the button to open a door etc.
  • Gravity Pull: A way that player can grab object from distant (Which the idea is come from Half Life:Alyx Gravity Gloves)
  • Time Control: From Level 9, player could record their movement and then replay it to solve the puzzle. (With sound / UI / post processing effect make it looks pertty nice)
  • Tailor made for both VR and non-VR, they got different controls that fit them most
  • Level management. A Udon GameManager always keep track of the user, counting achievements, play times, current progression etc, and react to player’s actions.

I believe the world pretty shows Udon potential, what Udon can do and contains a lot unique elements that you can’t find in other worlds. Took me about a year to finish this, got pretty good responses from community (few hundreds player playing at the same time in peak) Give it a try!


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