Custom shape mirrors

I have been trying to figure out how to make the custom shape mirrors in VRchat, for example triangle or circle shape without a result yet.

Any suggestions?
Is this even possible?

Attempt to drag and drop the mirror material to a circle, see what happens. Probably will break the game but ohwell.

edit: sarcastic ending added.

could just put an open shape over the mirror.

The Pug West has a split mirror due to some shenanigans in the way it’s made. You can’t curve it, but as long as its on one plane you can split or shape a mirror.

I’m unsure how, I just know it’s possible. :thinking:

You need to make sure the mirror mesh lies on the XY plane in the mesh renderer’s local coordinate system, and its facing direction is negative Z-axis in the local coordinate system.

As long as you follow this rule you can shape it, or add holes to or do whatever you might want to do except curve it.

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