Custom fixed hands animation + fullbody tracking


I go around playing guitar and singing sometimes so therefore I’m editing a avatar with a custom guitar holding animation. (In VR)
I got it working without fullbody tracking.

  • I created a custom holding animation using “Muscle Animation Editor”
  • I set it to be triggered on idle (This works when I put down my controllers and pick up my guitar).
  • I can play and sing with my avatar holding the guitar in the fixed pose. I can move my head, and the character moves with it in all directions.

However, after I got full body tracking, this doesn’t work anymore. (2 feet trackers, hip tracker, 2 controllers, headset).
When I put down my controllers, my avatar doesn’t go into the animation lock / idle.
Instead the arms are reaching for where the controllers are located (it looks funny).
I can move my legs with the fullbody, but my avatar is stretching towards the controllers.
My idea was that I wanted to have only the hands to be animation locked with the guitar, but still be able to move my legs and hip with the fullbody + head.
Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, for some reason. When I only have my hip-tracker turned on, without the feet, it works as intended. The hip gets tracked, the head gets tracked, and hands animation are holding the guitar.
But when I turn on the feet trackers, it stretches towards the hand controllers.

Here’s a screenshot of the animation.
I have also tried to remove the lines involving the legs in the animation tab, but no success.