Custom Event trigger access from another Udon Behaviour help

Hello guys,

I am trying to send a custom event to another udon behaviour script (when a gameobject is picked up), however, the event doesn’t seem to be firing in the other script.

This is how the SendCustomEvent is setup in the one script:

Here is how I try to receive the custom event from the other script:

The variables are public, and the event name’s are spelled, and case checked to be exactly the same.

I tried following this tutorial: Call a Networked Event on Different Udon Graph - VRChat SDK3.0(Call a Networked Event on Different Udon Graph - VRChat SDK3.0 - YouTube)

Just to note, I am emulating with CyanEmu, assuming this has the functionality to test what I’m trying to achieve.

I see no issues with this setup.

Some suggestions might be to test might be replacing the “OnPickup” node with “Start”, and dropping some “Debug.Log” nodes around to see where it’s failing.

It also might be worth trying udonsharp, it would probably make managing communications between different behaviors much easier.