Custom emotes and idle not playing

Can anyone spot what I’ve done wrong or missed here?

I followed a number of tutorials (mostly Ask Amber) and it seems like I got everything in order to add emotes and expressions as toggles, but when I load up in game my custom idle, emotes, and expressions won’t work, and the menu I filled with the default emotes for SDK3 is empty. However my menus and submenus worked fine and all the toggle options are shown in them.

Every controller I used is a copied and edited version of the example ones in the SDK to make sure I used the same things. I know the emotes work because they will display properly in previews inside of Unity and I rewatched all the tutorials and don’t see a step I missed.

Imgur album with screen shots

I did check similar topics here but nothing had the exact problem as me that I could find.

edit: also found out my visemes won’t work. It seems like no animations except for the Humanoid Rig locomotions will play.

Visemes window and error log pics