Custom animations not playing on Action Layer

Hi, I’m in the process of creating a 3.0 Avatar; this is my first attempt at switching from 2.0. I’ve created 2 separate submenus; one for default actions, one for custom actions. I’m trying to activate my custom animation by toggling the VRCEmote parameter to 9, however the animation will not play when toggled. I’ve added my animation as a state on the animation controller with the proper triggers, so I’m not entirely sure if I’ve made some type of mistake, or if this is not the correct approach for adding custom actions. Here is a screenshot of the action controller (my custom animation is smug_dance at the top):

Just wanted to say that I figured out my issue!!
If you intend on adding more animations using the VRCEmote parameter, make sure to increase the conditions for WaitForActionOrAFK to account for the increased amount of animations: