[CURRENTLY CLOSED] Low-poly and High-poly Avatars from scratch! Can do furry, human, whatever you need!

NOTE: Commission info and prices are subject to change. Prices on Quest and PC high-poly models have been increased since making this post. You can find the most up-to-date commission info on my carrd, at spk3d.carrd.co. Also, please read the Terms of Service at the bottom of my carrd before commissioning me.

Hi, I’m sockpuppetkingdom. I currently work fulltime as a freelance 3D modeler, and I’ve been character modeling in Blender for 6 years. I’ve been making humanoid VRChat avatars for 2 years.

I can do both furry and human characters, with a wide range of body types. I take payment using PayPal invoices.

Payment can either be half upfront or fully upfront.

-----------------------Base pricing (additional costs listed in carrd)--------------------------

High poly models (Max quality, for PCVR, 30k-70k triangles): Base price $620

Med poly (Optimized for Quest, 5k-15k triangles): Base price $410

Low poly (Retro 5th-gen console style, 300-1000 triangles): Base price $100

For additional pricing info as well as my ToS, check out my info at https://spk3d.carrd.co.

You can contact me on discord at sockpuppetkingdom#8395, on Twitter (https://twitter.com/sp_kingdom), on Tumblr (spkingdom.tumblr.com) or via my email ([email protected])

I currently have a very long queue, so be mindful that wait times will be slow. My Trello is public and linked at the bottom of my carrd.

Can do:

  • Furry
  • Human
  • Miscellaneous humanoid (alien, object head, etc)
  • Eye tracking, blinking, and lipsync
  • High poly (both PC quality and Quest quality)
  • Low poly (retro style)

Won’t do:

  • Explicit NSFW (suggestive designs are fine if commissioner and character are both 18+)
  • Non-humanoid bodies
  • Rigs fully optimized for full-body tracking (I do not have full body tracking hardware to test with currently)

-------------------------------------------Low poly examples---------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------Medium poly examples----------------------------------------------------


-------------------------------------------------High poly-------------------------------------------------------

  • Base price: $620


I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.

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Hey. I am looking to get 2 characters made into avatars if that’s cool. One is Fredrick, whom I would also like some personal emotes and whatnot for. I just want to know what you would need and how much you would charge (if you do). I’d also like to be able to change their outfits between maybe 2 or 3 options as well as be able to have particular items in hand and accessories added and removed at will. Here is the first one, Fredrick.

You can reach out to my Discord Adalbär#3333

I have recently updated my pricing, as well as updated the post with more recent works. For anyone who’s interested, feel free to take a look.

Recently finished this medium-poly commission for @\spitfireholmes on twitter!

Due to me now having a full-time job, commissions are officially closed. I will open limited slots once I finish the ones in my queue. Thank you to all of my clients, both current and previous, for your support.