"Could not extract package" error happens when installing/re-installing/updating packages

Hi, sorry if my English is janky since I’m not fluent in this language.

So, after working on an avatar project for a while, especially after closing it and re-opening the CC, it starts behaving like it doesn’t recognize the packages already installed, or the ones that I’m attempting to install / re-install / update.

What happens is:

  • It says it suceeded to install / updates it, but simultaniously, also it says “[ERR] Could not extract package~”
  • The targetted package is gone from installed package, and back into the uninstalled list (go back to gray text)
  • The “+” button that allows us to re-install or update still works / clickable, it seems it does something but after a little while, it goes back to the “Could now extact package” error
  • The project and the packages seems unchanged after the attempt
  • Also, the “↑” button that allows us to update package still works too for the installed packages, but it vanishes the targetted package, seemingly for the same reason
  • On unity, related packages starts to missing scripts, basically broken
  • It does work fine on the brand new project, but after a while it starts failing as such

Apparently the “Could not extract” error can happen if the file path is too long, but the current path is like 140 chars at most, and the registory editing fix that allows Windows to handle longer path is already done. The path to the project directory doesn’t have anything other than the alphabet, and it’s placed in a ordinary folder that has full permission to access.
I tried to uninstall and re-install Creator Companion, update it (currently running on the latest version), change the permission to access the folder, run CC on the administor privilege, rebooting the PC, etc.
The Unity version is 2019.4.31f1, which I believe is the latest VRChat-compatible version. CC is installed in Appdata/Local which I assume it’s the default directory and hopefully fine.

I tried to explain everything in detail, feel free to ask me more if you need information. Thank you.