Costum Emote Animation is following the camera [FIXED]

I recently noticed that my costum animations are following my camera and it’s only happening in the new SDK 3.0
Is there are way to fix that Animation issue?

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Do you mean when you look or move around, the objects follow you? That’s default behavior since it’s a child of the avatar and the avatar is moving around.

If you want to be able to put objects down in the world, you need to do some magic with constraints to lock it in place in the world. (Google: vrchat "world fixed object")

I meant that if I play an emote the animation is following my head movement.

Just fixed that by using the locomotion

but thanks for the help

hey I’m having this issue, I tried looking up what eremite said and nothing came up that helped, what did you do to fix it and how? I’m trying to figure out what you said about using the locomotive but I have no idea what to do.

When you’re in your animator project for the emotes, you have to add a locomotion in your idle.
I added a picture as a reference.

in my case it was the menue, where the locomotion had to be added.

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Thank you!! this helped a ton! ^^