Controversial world's name - can I name my world with the name of German's war criminal?

Hi guys,
That’s not a joke.

There’s a game called Secret Hitler on CC SA–BY–NC 4.0 license. It would be best to name the world the same for better recognizability, but I see a red light. This could be against your community guidelines.

Please kindly confirm if I am right. If so, is it OK to still publish a world with a game like that but use a different world name (the game and characters will remain the same)?



You should go to and ask them directly via support ticket.

This is a genuine question. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen people have this exact question before in Rec Room.

Secret Hitler is a fantastic social deduction game. The fascist players are incentivized to use fear and misinformation to win. Players learn to appreciate the power and danger of fascist fear and misinformation.

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Maybe it’s string replaced like specialist to spemotrint?

Secret Rejected Austrian Artist

Or a silly name, like Secret Schnitzler…

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