Constraints in Local Space

To my knowledge, we have many constraints available to us via the default unity constraints. We can also use some extended scripting when it comes to Final IK.

I’ve used much of this when making quadrupeds, characters with two heads, and extra arms. However, all of these systems are calculated in world space only.

For Avatars, I am not aware of any way to work with these constraints in local space.

This would be very helpful when trying to map the rotation of your arm or fingers to puppet something not directly connected to your arm or hand. Right now I’m thinking of controlling wings or ears with fingers. This level of puppeteering is significantly better than using the menus or gestures, but we don’t yet have good access to it.

In my own experience, I specifically ran into this issue when trying to directly control the back legs of a quadruped with my real legs. When facing straight ahead, I could puppet them just fine, but once I curved the spine, the feet would remain pointed forwards.

I can’t imagine that this functionality would be too difficult to create. Most other unity games just copy the rotation values from one object to another and they are done… but obviously there needs to be some safety nets in place for cycle checks and other errors that might happen.

I did my best to try and find a similar topic already posted, there may be one, but I couldn’t find it.

This post is partly a “What work around are there?” As well as a plea to add this functionality to the SDK.