Commissions Open

“I have read the commissions guidelines documents, and i agree with the conditions”
Hello i am Boss_anime and my commission are open for your 3d models. I can create your avatar from scratch. Am a professional 3d artist i can model any kind of custom 3d avatars, it could be any type of anime style, furry, or just a regular style all you need to do is to provide your reference and i would bring your dream model to life


  • I would also texture and rig too, we are great in
  • 3d rendering
  • Physics bones eg hair physics tail physics(if its a furry)
  • Face tracking
  • Location animation
  • Custom VRchat modelling
  • Uploading of your model
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • I would make it either Quest or Pc compatible or even both tetc

You can message me on my discord account:


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Hi! Quick question, are you able to do basic cartoon-like characters from scratch? Nothing too complex. It has simple geometry, a small colour palette, one facial expression, and very lightweight.

The avatar in my profile picture is a good example of what I am looking for.

Yes I can get this done for you, you can send me a dm on my discord

Added you on discord, SemisPeritus#6631