Commissions 3D Avatars from scratch anime / cartoony

Hallo, I’m SotisTotis!
I make Avatars from scratch and also Vtuber setup! Been making them for a couple years now, mainly do anime and cartoony styles. Can also do prop models! Check out my full portfolio on Vgen – >

Prices start at 500 €~ going up depending on addons and complexity.

Standard Model Includes

  • 3D Model from scratch with Rig
  • 5 full Facial expressions of your choice + Control keys for making your own expressions ( includes left and right variants, Usually ends up at around 80-100 Blend shapes/Shapekeys total)
  • Custom texture maps for shading. (Specular maps, masks, matcaps if needed etc.)
  • A basic setup in Unity for Physbones and Materials using Poiyomi shader.
  • The standard model DO NOT have a full body underneath the outfit, the full body model is an addon below!


Delivered as file formats:

  • .blend file
  • .unitypackage
  • Texture .png’s


  • Full Body textured and rigged base model (SFW) : 200 €
  • Vtuber VRM Setup Includes a VRM setup in the .unitypackage. Setting up Springbones or Dynamicbones and facial expression setup. Includes a .vrm and/or .vsfavatar file: 30 €
  • Props: Weapons, Plushie, Wings Etc… Rig included: 40 €+
  • More Facial Expressions: About 5~shape keys/Blendshapes per: 10 €
  • iphone/ARkit Facial Tracking Blendshapes: 100 €
  • Another Outfit: Modeled, rigged and textured: 50-200 €+
  • Another hairstyle. Modeled, rigged and textured: 100 €+
  • Commerical License: 20% of final price.

I Do Not

  • NSFW
  • Furry/Characters with animalistic faces
  • Robotic/Mech characters ( Armour parts are ok!)
  • Set up gestures/Avatar 3.0 for VrChat
  • Set up for MMD
  • Copyrighted characters unless you have the rights.


You can directly commission me on the Vgen commission page — > ⭐ SotisTotis ⭐ - VGen
I only commission through Vgen, they offer paypal as payment methods. You don’t need an account to commission!

All I need is a front and back reference of your character! Doesn’t have to be the highest quality! But the better the reference is, the better quality the end product will be, as I will follow it closely

Work Examples:

“I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.”

Hello, I am Via and I’m interested at seeing your abilities on making me a personal vrchat avatar if you read this get back to me as soon as possible