[Commission Open] I will create unique vrchat avatar, vtuber avatar, furry avatar, fursona, oculus quest

Hey, I’m Animeee. I’m a professional 3D Character Artist. I’ve worked on 3D art for VR for the last 3 years, mostly on Population: One. Been doing 3D Character art for about 7 years as a whole.

I’ve done many commissions for VRChat in the past and thoroughly know the pipeline for asset creation.

My services are:
-Authoring from scratch character and outfit assets, prepped with proper topology and support for proper rigging deformation/animation.
-Questification of a PC asset.
-Texturing assets in a PBR or hand painted fashion.

Please provide a concept sheet and any reference images you have when asking for an estimate or slot availability. I will not respond if an image is not provided. Do note that I am only a static modeler. DM me on Discord to inquire more
Discord: Animeee#9672