★Commission open!★ Heya. I am Unity designer, I can make a lot addons for your avatar. Toggles/clothes/hairstyle/items/retextures and other

My services:

  • Add clothes, make it toggle and fix problem with out of bounds parts texture if you laying down, sitting or use other animation. 5$ (for every piece).
  • Items and toggle to them. 5$ (for every piece). I have a lot items, you can ask me for search that you want or show you what I have.
  • Hairstyle and toggle to them. 5$ (for every piece).
  • Textures, some basic for Rexodium and a lot for Nardodragon. If you have your personal avatar textures then give me this texture and I’ll add it. 5$ (For full retexture)
  • Change tall, ears tall, belly size, fluff size and a lot other points on avatar, also I can make it toggle if you want. 5$ (For every piece).
  • Make toggle for remove fluff or any other thing for avatar. 5$ (For every toggle).
  • Gogo Locomotion (New version). 5$
  • DPS and toggle to them. 5$ (for every piece).
  • In expression menu you can choose where your addons will hide or give that chose to me. 0$
  • Retexture every my addon texture (Sure if it have other textures). 0$
  • Tutorial about Unity (the price is negotiable)
    If you have special offer then let me know and we can discuss about it
    P.S. Doesn’t matter if your model furry, anime or any other, just tell me what you want and we will talk about it!
    Payment in PayPal (Or your payment method) after I show you result in Unity or VRChat, you can clone avatar and test everything what you want, after this pay and I’ll upload on your VRC account. Be sure that you have VRC account and have “User” rank (Green color).
    Work can take from 1 hour to 2+ days. If you’d interesting and have any questions, then text me in DM.
    Discord - Markuspv
    Telegram - @Markuspv


This post is showing to be in the avatars section, where people ask for help with things from other users, since it’s a post offering services, your post should actually be in the commissioning section. I’m not sure if you can move it yourself or if a forum mod will do it.

Sorry about this. I just need remove Avatar and Tutoral tag or do something different?
I’m just not sure how works this cite.
Also I saw other artist who use this tag for commission on this cite, I think this tag about avatar in general, not only about help.

Avatar category has a pinned thread that covers this, maybe I can link it.

There is a specific avatar commissions category

Hopefully they work well.