[Commission open] Full scratch model or editing avatar(Rig,Eye Track,Shaders,Animations, and more)

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within

Hey there!
I can make you anything you would like, just ask!


  • - Make Models, Outfit, Accessories From Full-Scratch
  • - Lip-Sync / Visemes
  • - Eye-Tracking
  • - Prop Modeling
  • - Shader / Material setup
  • - Photoshop stuff (Recolor, Texturing, etc)
  • - Facial shape key
  • - Gestures / Animations
  • - Dynamic-Bone and Colliders
  • - Fixes / Weight paint
  • - Rigging
  • - Model Edits
  • - Texture Edits
  • - UV Map Edits
    You can ask for more staff that not listed here.

Some rules:

  • Accepting only paypal
  • The payments are done before I start with the avatar(scratch model 50/50)
  • If the avatar doesn’t work correctly, I will fix it without any additional cost
  • If you need the files, I will deliver it you
  • You must tell me all what you want, before we start


  • From scratch starting price is 200$
  • Editing avatar starting price is 50$

Price depends on the difficulty of the avatar.

DM me on discord for any question or order.
Discord: Fuku#5177



Hi I’m interested how much and do you upload them to a world